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What makes The Manual 4 Life different from other philosophies or programs?

1. The Manual 4 Life is a complete philosophy. It covers all aspects of life, exploring and addressing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. Without this fully integrated approach it becomes difficult to make changes in your life as your difficulty may stem from an aspect of yourself you are not addressing.
2. The Manual 4 Life shows you how you can dramatically increase your awareness and refine your ability to evaluate all aspects of your life in order to find creative opportunities to resolve difficulties in your life.
3. It does not prescribe a list of things for you to do, rather it explains how life works and how you can use this understanding to create the life you choose.
4. Finally, it explains how you can identify and root out old patterns of thinking and acting that are holding you back.
This philosophy shows you how to do all of this with a simple to understand and use 4 step methodology, giving you the actual steps you can use to implement the changes you choose into your life.
Life is simple, why make it complicated. Come join us and learn the philosophy that has helped thousands of people to create the life they always dreamed of!

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The Manual 4 Life Coaching programs are centered toward particular life situations that present as opportunities for spiritual growth. All coaching programs include attention to improved self-esteem and self-confidence, self growth, mindful living, finding inner-peace, insight and life direction. They are designed to help you achieve greater success in the areas that matter the most to you. To determine the best coaching format for your life guidance and personal development needs, please Schedule Your Free Coaching Consultation. In your consultation, you will discover much about your current situation and find out if you are ready for a powerful life transformation.

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This book is truly a Manual for Life and encompasses all you need to raise your body, life, and Consciousness to a higher, more effective level. If you have been searching for such a Manual, your search is over.
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