Hi, my name is Edwardo.

I will help you with your personal and professional life challenges simply by sharing and teaching you how to utilize your consciousness. Equipped with this awareness you will rapidly begin to eliminate the self-destructing behavior that has stopped you for your entire life from creating what you really want.

Edwardo Rosso is the CEO & Co-Developer of a revolutionary new Methodology that finally unveils the understanding of how life works.

My message to you!

I believe that you are enough, whole, and perfect just the way you are and nothing is required to be fixed, adjusted or changed, but for you to realize it, understand it, and believe it, you do not need to add anything, rather you need to remove what has been stopping you consistently, day after day.

The time has come for you to uncover this unique and special kind of Human in you that can and will be focused, confident, efficient and creative at will, like a laser beam.

A new kind of human that will manifest Love, Compassion, Harmony, Health and happiness.

A human that always knows how to dissolve and transcend the greatest enemy of all time, the one that has killed more humans then anything else, yes I am referring to stress.

Join the movement that can guide you to freedom, wisdom and self-expression, effortlessly. The time has come for you to uncover and understand your Consciousness.

What is consciousness you may ask?

Consciousness is the multidimensional framework of your being. Once it is understood and experienced , you will have the transformation you have always dreamed of.


Edwardo Rosso
Ceo & Co-Developer
The Center For Self Development

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To combine the word Alchemy with the word consciousness is revolutionary for it finally uncovers what we have been searching for centuries. The understanding of how life works.  The Manual For life & Consciousness” Is a revolutionary transformational philosophy that has utilized an alchemical process to disassemble human  Consciousness in 24 parts only for the purpose to observe, notice and finally understand it. With this information, we can now choose effortlessly to respond to life’s challenges producing amazing results. We are ready to share with the world what we have uncovered. Are you ready?

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Do You Need a Help?

I have both daytime and evening office hours available.

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