“If I keep to myself what I have uncovered because of fear of others judgments, criticisms, or being offensive, then I have committed a crime. We have seen a tremendous loss of life because of wars, religious differences, or political disagreements. Yet, nothing ever reaches the destructive effects that stress has on us individually. The time has come for us to understand this enemy and regain the quality of life that we deserve.” 

I am ready to show you how to deal with your adversity, Are you ready to listen?

Edwardo Rosso

CEO & Co-Founder

The Center for Self-Development

To combine the word Alchemy with the word consciousness is revolutionary for it finally uncovers what we have been searching for centuries. The understanding of how life works.  The Manual 4 life & Consciousness” Is a revolutionary transformational philosophy that has utilized an alchemical process to disassemble human  Consciousness in 24 parts only for the purpose to observe, notice and finally understand it. With this information, we can now choose effortlessly to respond to life’s challenges <producing amazing results. We are ready to share with the world what we have uncovered. Are you ready?

Hi, my name is Edwardo. 

I will help you with your personal and professional life challenges simply by sharing and teaching you how to utilize your consciousness. Equipped with this awareness you will rapidly begin to eliminate the self-destructing behavior that has stopped you for your entire life from creating what you really want. What is Human consciousness you may ask? It is the multidimensional framework of your entire being and once it’s understood, it will completely transform your life. You will be amazed by the results you can produce in all areas of your life.  

Edwardo Rosso is CEO & Co-Founder of a revolutionary new Methodology That finally unveils  The understanding of how life works. 

Life is Simple, why make it complicated?

Are you frustrated? Tired of being stressed out and struggling through life? Tired of trying ideas that just don’t work?
You see, when you are born, you are not given any instructions or manual on how life works; essentially, you are left to figure out life on your own or adopt what others say or do. What you end up with, oftentimes, are ineffective ways of responding to life’s challenges that actually increase the frustration and dissatisfaction you experience and also become the obstacles to achieving your goals. But if you don’t know any better, you become lost in your own misunderstandings.
Have you ever noticed how some people seem to dance through life with purpose, direction, and passion; they take in stride the things that would trouble the average person. Have they stumbled upon a way of living Life more efficiently and productively? Do they know or do something that you don’t? What is the difference between them and the person who often seems to make the wrong choice, do the wrong thing, or get stuck in a place or circumstance they dislike?
The answer to all of these questions is: It is how they use their Consciousness. Join us and learn about the profound philosophy of The Center for Self-Development and learn how to make your consciousness work for you.

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We Are All Tired Sometimes!

Tired of trying to grow a business, or dealing with sicknesses, or maybe raising a difficult child, or being lonely, or Poor, perhaps just tired of waiting for happiness to arrive and be with us each and every day. Tired of Dealing with others’ requests, demands or disagreements. What do we do when the battle has lasted longer then our internal resource can handle? How do we turn around and Transform our Feelings from anxious-to excited or joyful? How do we stop our worries and disappointment which drains our energy?

There is no doubt that most of us can agree to the fact that life seems to be difficult. Is it? Yes, it can be but the question is who created that reality, what we call difficult? Who created our suffering? Who created our unhappiness? Who created hopelessness? Who created Phycological Distress? The answer is YOU, YOU AND YOU. If it is true, Why do we cause harm to ourselves? Why do we practice self-destructing behavior? Why can’t we distinguish the difference between what serves us and what doesn’t? The answer to this Dilemma and those questions are simply Available and easy to apply by exploring, studying and Understanding Human Consciousness!

Life is one continuous experience from birth to death and in the process of experiencing life, we isolate segments of the time which we call events. The purpose of the events is to learn and to extract opportunities and then to Formulate a response that will serve us in our future experiences.

In “The Manual 4 Life & Consciousness” Philosophy an Alchemical process is utilized to disassemble Human consciousness in 24 parts which then are sequentially organized to allow a seeker or student to easily see, explore, evaluate and realize how their Consciousness is structured and functions. Once we become aware we begin to shift our attention to what serves us and away from what doesn’t so the dilemma is no longer present and the Seeker or student can transform their response to produce Happiness, Freedom, and Clear Understanding of how life works.

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This book is truly a Manual for Life and encompasses all you need to raise your body, life, and Consciousness to a higher, more effective level. If you have been searching for such a Manual, your search is over.

Do You Need a Help?

I have both daytime and evening office hours available.

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