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Do you often feel Lost? Overwhelmed? Unfulfilled? Do you feel stuck or ineffective? Does your Life never seem to match up with your hopes and dreams? If so, have you ever considered why?

When we are born, we are not given a manual on how Life works, Instead we are left to figure out Life on our own or adopt what others say or do. What we end up with are often ineffective ways of responding to Life’s challenges that actually increase the frustration and dissatisfaction that we experience.

What we all need is a manual that will provide us with a comprehensive perspective on life as well as a practical methodology to increase our awareness, understanding, and ability to respond to life’s challenges more effectively.

If you have been searching for such a manual, your search is over.

We offer you



“This manual opened my eyes to how life works, it really is a manual for life.” — Howard, PA

“I wish I had this book 10 years ago, it would have saved me a lot of grief!” — Debra, NJ

“Simply profound, it changed the way I view life.”— Barbara, FL

“A unique approach and study of life, absolutely brilliant” — William, Mass

“I am an avid reader and thought I read it all, but this book lead me down a new path of understanding, destined to become a classic.”  — Robert, NJ

“Amazing, it is so logical, I never saw life in this way.” — Kolby, NC

“I am a life coach and am abandoning what I have been using and adopting this philosophy 100 percent.” — Alan, NY

“The section on the body is worth the price of the book alone. It covered a whole approach to eating, detoxing, getting and staying in shape and building health.” — Gerrard, NY

“This book should be mandatory reading for everybody” —  Charles, VA

“Where has this book been all my life?” —  Jennifer, NJ

“Truly a life changing read.”— Mark, NC

“This is not your ordinary book - it really is a reference manual.” — Gloria, Texas

“This book earned the center place on my bookshelf and is my new go to book when I have a problem.”  — David, NY

I was skeptical about a so called manual for life, but the information is presented so logically I couldn’t disagree with it. Love it.” —  Glen, Maine

“This book is loaded with information, I kept uncovering fresh ideas and nuggets of wisdom through out the book.”  — Dean, CO

“This book really delivers, positively awesome” — Sean, NJ

"Wow, this manual blew me away." — Robert, NJ