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The program contained within THE MANUAL 4 LIFE will give you the tools to: 

  •  Deal with Life's problems and difficulties more effectively 
  •  Understand and learn the many lessons that Life presents and therefore experience more progressive self-growth 
  •  Nourish not only your body but your emotions, mind, and spirit as well 
  •  Understand, appreciate, and communicate more effectively with others 
  •  Find direction and purpose in Life 
  •  Find peace and be able to look back on Life without regrets

You may think that all of this sounds too good to be true and is just a lot of hype. We ask that you hold off on such judgment for now until you actually see what this unique Manual contains. 

For now take a look at what some of our readers have experienced and said….

"The Manual-4-Life has been a transformational instrument in my life that has allowed me to see those areas of my life where I was clearly not being as effective as I wanted to be, and what internal dialogues I had that were stopping me from reaching the level of effectiveness that I desired. I learned that after we are born, grow-up, and begin our journey through life, we develop a belief system that works pretty well for survival, but which does not work very well at all for effectiveness, happiness and satisfaction with who we are, what we want to accomplish and what our lives are for.

In the two years since first reading the Manual-4-Life and actively participating in the many courses offered by the Center for Self-Development, I have doubled my 6-figure income in my primary business, created an entirely new company designed to positively impact thousands of people, I have lost 20 lbs and am on track to lose 20 more, I'm in better shape now at 58 then I was when I was 28, and I have called forth from the ether a new relationship with a woman who leaves me breathless every minute of the day. You may wonder "Did this all happen because of the Manual-4-Life?" My answer would be not really, it all happened because of what I learned in the Manual-4-Life and then applied to my life. I promise you, if I can do it, anyone can.

In case your concerned that you won't see a benefit for yourself, I can attest to the fact that this program is relatively simple to understand and can be quickly and directly applied to those areas of your life that you want to improve, be it financial, relationships, health or overall happiness. This is a true breakthrough in the realm of human understanding regarding what makes each and everyone of us tick and I cannot recommend it enough. Whether your life is wonderful or a complete disaster, there is value in the Manual-4-Life for personal growth that is simply not available anywhere else."

Jed Zarin


"I had just been laid off from work and was struggling with several issues in my life. During that time I read a number of popular self-development books. Those books were extremely enlightening but it wasn't until I discovered The Manual 4 Life philosophy that I really understood how to move forward, to take charge of my life in a purposeful and meaningful way. While The Manual 4 Life book is a marvelous addition to my prior training, rest assured, the material inside its cover absolutely stands on it's own and is of far greater value than a mere reference guide.

The Manual 4 Life delivers lesson after lesson, solution after solution, opportunity after opportunity on ways to update your belief system to the 21st century. This book is well thought out, concise and complex, thought provoking and powerful.

For those of you looking for an absolute self-development masterpiece I encourage you to delve into The Manaual 4 Life. It's truly a book for the ages."

Donna Hook


"The Manual 4 life has been a real gift to me. It not only changed my life professionally but, it also has made a tremendous impact of how I live, eat, relate to myself and others. It has opened my eyes to the false beliefs I held that have pulled me down instead of putting me in the game of life! Now, I thrive and not just survive!"

Joann Malanga


“This manual opened my eyes to how life works, it really is a manual for life.” — Howard, PA

“I wish I had this book 10 years ago, it would have saved me a lot of grief!” — Debra, NJ

“Simply profound, it changed the way I view life.”— Barbara, FL

“A unique approach and study of life, absolutely brilliant” — William, Mass

“I am an avid reader and thought I read it all, but this book lead me down a new path of understanding, destined to become a classic.”  — Robert, NJ

“Amazing, it is so logical, I never saw life in this way.” — Kolby, NC

“I am a life coach and am abandoning what I have been using and adopting this philosophy 100 percent.” — Alan, NY

“The section on the body is worth the price of the book alone. It covered a whole approach to eating, detoxing, getting and staying in shape and building health.” — Gerrard, NY

“This book should be mandatory reading for everybody” —  Charles, VA

“Where has this book been all my life?” —  Jennifer, NJ

“Truly a life changing read.”— Mark, NC

“This is not your ordinary book - it really is a reference manual.” — Gloria, Texas

“This book earned the center place on my bookshelf and is my new go to book when I have a problem.”  — David, NY

I was skeptical about a so called manual for life, but the information is presented so logically I couldn’t disagree with it. Love it.” —  Glen, Maine

“This book is loaded with information, I kept uncovering fresh ideas and nuggets of wisdom through out the book.”  — Dean, CO

“This book really delivers, positively awesome” — Sean, NJ

"Wow, this manual blew me away." — Robert, NJ